a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

Fakazile, Bonginkosi and Claire are a few of the people that facilitate the feeding of the vulnerable children. Their purpose is the same and they go about their endeavours with the same strength of purpose and conviction that somehow it will all be okay.

The initiatives behind Lula Isandla are driven by these three people. Claire and Fakazile met through mutual acquaintances, and, after discussing life and the universe for a while realised that they could work together to help the vulnerable children who Fakazile knew about. Bonginkosi, an integral part of the Zenzeleni Community Centre initiatives, became part of this dynamic team.

This is them:

Fakazile Mchunu
Bonginkosi Ndlovu
Claire Johnston
Fakazile Mchunu Bonginkosi Ndlovu Claire Johnston