a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

How can we inspire an abandoned child, whose life is lonely, empty, to dream of a better future?

We have all done a great thing by providing the vulnerable children with lunches. And as we achieve greater stability with this, we feel we need to do more, provide more.

And a result of this is the birth of Lubunjwa Luseva. Similar to how the implied meaning of Lula Isandla is 'reaching out'; the implied meaning of Lubunjwa Luseva is 'shaping a future'. The initiatives involved in Lubunjwa Luseva aim to help the children develop their minds outside of school.

Have a look at the organigram on the 'What we do' page to see more about LL. We appreciate any suggestions to take this initiative further to enrich the future of the children, and as a result, the future of this great country.