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October 2014 Status

Lula Isandla has been going for nearly 5 years, and everyday we are grateful for everybody who has contributed to this sustainability. Claire has written a brief update on what is happening in Mpophomeni.

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Recycling in Mpophomeni

Recycling for the win

The guys from the recycling company come on a regular basis to Mpophomeni to collect all the things they can recycle.

That day they were collecting at the centre and the kids were helping.

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Howick Unisports donate a lot of rice

unipsorts donate riceA big thank you to Debbie of Howick Unisports for organising the donation of rice.

That is a lot of rice!

The Howick Lions donate a freezer

chest freezerThis is the freezer donated by Howick Lions.

It is so convenient to be able to buy in bulk, especially the meat and chicken, but also to be able to freeze vegetables when plentiful and cheap.

The Mamas knit some copper

knitted copperArtist Mandy Johnston approached the Vukuza Mama's to create french knitted copper wire for an artwork.

Knitting is among the the many skills the Mama's posses and so they took to the task with gusto.

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Lubunjwa Luseve after a few sessions

So this is the story after the first few sessions. The feeling is that we are slowly heading in the right direction. Weeks 1 through 3 are descriptions about what Fiona has done with the large group of younger children.Colin has been busy with the smaller group of older children. Fiona often finishes off these sessions as she has a great rapport with the children.

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LL Week 3

This afternoon we again had approximately 45 youngsters of primary school age. After an ice breaker they lay on the floor, apart from each other and silent. I took them through a few "presence" exercises, feeling their heart, breathing, tensing and relaxing muscles.

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LL Week 2

We started out with a large alphabet and number puzzle of which I gave every child a piece. They would then (theoretically) find the matching piece and build the puzzle. At this point though I had no translator to give direction, never the less a couple of youngsters just appropriated pieces and put it together.

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LL Week 1

The exercise involved looking at packets of seed and discussing that each seed produces its own kind which different to the other. I then asked questions and each child had to find other like-minded children. E.g "whats your favourite colour?"

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Lubunjwa Luseve BEGINS

The first session was brief and introductory and in the second the children, ranging from Grade 5 to Grade 12, were given a selection of cuttings from various newspapers. They were asked to select anything that might conceivably be of interest to them and to prepare a presentation or discussion paper for the next session.

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