a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

I thought you may all be interested in this..........

Today I delivered to Lula-Isandla the following ;

  • 10 kg fresh stewing beef
  • 10 kg fresh chicken portions
  • 5 pockets farm fresh potatoes
  • 5 pockets farm fresh cabbages
  • 5 pockets farm fresh carrots
  • 6 kg fresh green beans – I have to say fresh green or it may mean dried sugar beans!
  • 1 pocket butternut
  • 1 pocket gems
  • 1 box bananas – enough for 200 children
  • 1 box apples – enough for 200 children
  • 2 boxes pears – enough for 200 children
  • 1 box nectarines – maybe enough for 200 children
  • 1 box large plums – enough for 200 children

Fakazile and I worked out that it could have conservatively cost us R2145 but I paid R1252 nearly R900 less, what with the donations and the good prices Dulce of the Farm Stall gives us, we are having a fine time stretching the money.

The potatoes are donated by Dulce, the cabbages and carrots by Manuel, straight off their farms, with a value of about R700 at the going market prices and the rest out of the shop but at nearly cost I think. So each week we are getting the potatoes, cabbages and carrots for free – each week R700 – amazing don’t you think? Wonderful people!

I have been on 3 scenic drives to fetch the cabbages and carrots, about an hours round trip, and as much as I enjoy the experience I don’t wish to do it every week. But Manuel and Roy (Dulce’s husband) have been chatting and have arranged for Roy to pick up my stuff when he goes there, and keep it in their cold room until the next day for me, not so so fresh but nearly straight from the farm. (As the advert goes!)

As you will see this is copied to Colleen so she can show it to her Mum Pat who is responsible for getting the donations from Manual and by association, setting up the contact with Dulce.

When I left the centre today the 10 volunteers from the Vukuza Project (the cookers) were hard at work preparing the 6 kg beans and the 10 kg of carrots……

THANK YOU GRANNY PAT,   thank you Manuel, and thank you Dulce