a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

I have just returned from the Zenzeleni Centre and have this to share with you all.

Re: Sony Ericsson Visit

From an adult, said solemnly, “Those are good people, very good people, to come so far to us."

From a child, bouncing with glee, “We had such a big party and played and played and played.”

From me ‘It was a wonderful day, such excitement such happiness. Our thanks to Sony Ericsson for making the great trek, for the braai, for cooking and serving it all, for the gifts, for the interaction."

What happened: Over 200 little people with 35 big people playing games, soccer, frisbee, skipping, running, jumping, piggy backs, shoulder rides and swinging round and round and round. It looked like a cricket oval at the lunch time break.

Re: Vukuza Mamas trip to Durban

More excitement but from the adults this time:

I speak very little Zulu, most of the women very little English, but I got a wonderfully graphic demonstration of the waves, in and out, so tirelessly, the picnic the fun, the hustle and bustle of Durban streets all so much to take in on one day, when you come from Mphophomeni! Such an experience, and so many thanks.

A very big thank you to the special sponsor who made this possible.

13 went in the taxi, the 10 women, Fakazile’s little fostered daughter and the 2 ‘bodyguards’, ‘they’ being Bonginkosi and Vusi, (the man from across the road of the centre who keeps an eye on it, and lends us equipment when we are in need) – it was a thank you to him for all his support over the year. Neat.

Re: Christmas Day

While sitting making clay pots this morning, the women and I, after much discussion, came up with this plan, for 250 people!!!

The Vukuza Mamas - at their request - will braai ‘quarter legs’ (chicken), Merrivale Spar will provide rolls, veggie platters, sweet tooth platters and juice. We will see how much we get donated and pay for the rest as we have been given some funds to celebrate Christmas.

A special mention, and a huge thank you to Ronald who phoned from London suggesting the chicken, which he will fund. I am overwhelmed by this generosity.

Re: Last word

The incredible generosity and thoughtfulness, spontaneity, is almost an ache in me as I am so continuously touched by it all. I don’t know how to thank you all enough. But come and visit and see what your kindness is achieving by empowering these women and children.

May your Christmas be happy and blessed, from all at ‘Lula Isandla’