a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

Fakazile and I always thought the very existence of Lula Isandla would have wonderful knock-on benefits for these vulnerable children; coming to a safe centre, monitored by caring Vukuza Mamas means they can get that extra bit of help. What follows illustrates this:

  • A shy, retiring, almost hiding, young girl with a school uniform far too small, the skirt held up by a chain of safety pins across the zip, blouse always being pulled down, was given a complete new uniform and underwear. Now she is a smiling happy exuberant teenager.
  • He was almost a dropout, skipping school and too friendly with the street kids. When asked why he did not go to school, he said the teacher told him not to come back until he stopped wearing ‘those white takkies’ – in fact he was very very scruffy and the trainers could hardly be called white! He got a complete new uniform, and new black shoes. Now he comes for lunch everyday, presenting himself to Fakazile, having come straight from school. So chuffed and happy he is to be back at school.