a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

The good news!

We have 247 registered children, on average we feed 210 per day, it is all working very well; daily we see happy bouncy cheerful relaxed children. We are acknowledged and recognised in the community as a very worthwhile cause and accepted with gratitude, for humanitarian reasons, and also for self-interest, a possible glue sniffer/criminal (to mask the pain of hunger and abandonment), is being helped to travel a different road.

The alarming news

With the increased number of mouths to feed, greater volume of food bought, higher food prices and some free food donations no longer available our required income per month has risen. Current average monthly cost for 210 children at R2.25 ea per day is R10,400.00 Current monthly donations are R8,000.00

Please could you help us reach that target? If we got 25 people to donate R100pm we would be there. (Please also check if your monthly stop order is still running; they do on occasion lapse.)

As always, a truly big big thank you to all for the donations, but especially to the faithful regular contributors, and to all who work at Sony Ericsson, who individually contribute so much to Lula Isandla.

Other News

IMCI Programme (Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses)
The Vukuza Mama's attended this course; it includes basic cleanliness/hygiene, nutritional eating, immunization, breast feeding, good parenting, home management, first aid and HIV. They were encouraged to pass on this information into the community.

AVP (Alternative to Violence Programme)
Over a series of weekends Fakazile and her co-workers ran workshops for the teenagers about conflict management, avoiding and dealing with abuse and violence. They in turn went out and spread the information amongst their peers. And in so doing came across other children in the same situation as them so brought them along to Lula Isandla for feeding. Amazingly kind and thoughtful.

We continue to keep our eyes open for programmes and courses such as these which would benefit the children and carers but not blow the budget. CHUMA, to which we belong, is a good network of NGO's in the area which meets regularly and where such information is exchanged.