a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

Youth Day - 16th of June 2008

Youth day presented an appropriate day for a fun run at Lula Isandla. After the tremendous effort of 12 000 slightly deranged people who ran up from Durban to Maritzburg on the Sunday in the Comrades marathon, the Lula Isandla run tempered the distance to accommodate the youngsters of Mpophemeni and the visiting Johnstons. Bongingkosi led the marshalling team, making sure that none of the approximately 100 runners meandered off the route, and that the taxis and cars drove appropriately in the vicinity of such an event. The under 10s ran a slightly shorter route much to the relief of Mandy who was their chosen marshal. The walk back proved far easier than the 200 bolt that children are wont to do.

The day began with the run, and once all of the runners had come home, with the last group ably led home by Mr Johnston Senior it was time for prize giving. Medals had been donated and were presented to the first three boys, the first two girls and the first junior. It was great to observe the pride with which they accepted their medals (pictured right). Sappi, in their generosity, had provided peaked caps and t-shirts for all participants. Obviously, after such exertion, some sustenance was required. Oranges were handed out to provide some vital vitamin c and then the runners all lined up for some hot dogs.

Some intrepid athletes based in England, the Shosholoza team, ran the Comrades and convinced their friends support them by donating to Lula Isandla. This came to tune of about R12 500. The day before the big race, some of the team members gave up precious carbo-loading time to visit Lula Isandla.

Those of you who have looked at the photo gallery on the website, will know that we can't show pictures of vulnerable children on the internet. Fortunately, we are able to distribute them via email to a select database of recipients. Please handle them appropriately.

As always, here is an update of the finances. It costs R35.72 to feed one child every month, this works out about R2.71 per meal. Every child who is able to go home with a full belly is pure joy for us and we thank you for making it possible. If your budget allows it, please can you put a stop order in place so that Lula Isandla can then budget accordingly. Our goal is to get enough stop orders in to be able to convincingly say that the feeding scheme is stable allowing us to begin projects that will further support the project. So your stop orders will be extremely appreciated.

If any of you are ever in the vicinity of Mpophemeni and would like to see what you are contributing to, here is the website of the Mpophemeni Tourism Board. Alternatively, Claire to organise a visit.

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think they would appreciate it! If they would like to know more they can either contact someone at Lula Isandla or can send an e-mail to .