a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

I was concerned for their wellbeing over such a long break so we started a youth club in late May, and were busy busy busy! We collected rubbish around Mpophomeni, lots of it, which we then 'sold' to an environmental organisation called 'Wildlands' which has started waste procurement. You earn points and mostly its exchanged for food. We did that the first week and donated it to the Vukuza Mamas as a thank you for all they do for the children. The next weeks' collections were banked, we have still to decide what to do with it,either school shoes, uniforms etc or another trip to Umgeni Valley nature reserve under the guidance of Eco School which we have joined. They loved collecting the garbage, came back to the centre straining under the loads of mostly bottles, or hung around waiting for me to come in the bakkie and then have a ride back to the centre, and then played and played and played. The soccer players were banished back out of the centre as we had a few broken windows! The last week was a 'workshop' run by A Rocha, an international Christian-based environmental organisation here. They had bible stories relating to the creation and its care, games, projects, singing, planted 2 trees etc etc etc. As I said, busy but much fun in a safe place.