a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

The first session was brief and introductory and in the second the children, ranging from Grade 5 to Grade 12, were given a selection of cuttings from various newspapers. They were asked to select anything that might conceivably be of interest to them and to prepare a presentation or discussion paper for the next session.

In the little room now set up for the children behind the community centre, there are a large number of books donated over the years, and a little way down the road is the Mphophomeni Public Library. The children were asked to read at least two books by the next meeting and then tell the group about them.

Finally each child was asked to think of a name for the group and a reason why that name would be a good one. The intention will be to get people from various walks of life to talk to the children and through these activities to develop the role and purpose of the group further.