a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

We ask people for help, we ask them for money, and you all give so generously. We do think we know what effect we have on people's lives, and we think we know what it means for these children to have food in their stomachs.

I think that the children might only understand the difference once they are older. And then, the other day this letter arrived at Lula Isandla.

It is written by a mother who is HIV+. She has 2 children who are part of Lula Isandla. Written on a scrap of paper - with her children's names at the bottom - her gratitude is tangible and brings a tear to the eye. The translation was done by Fakazile, and there was no attempt to correct the grammar.

The letter reinforces my belief in what we do.

The documents (both PDFs):