a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

The children who come every weekday for their meals are very much the LI "family". Over the years a number of activities have been arranged for the children including outings, arts and crafts sessions, fun runs etc. generally on a random ad hoc basis. We have always recognised however that just like any family, there is a need for regular home support.

Fakazile and the Vukuza Mamaa do their best to provide elements of this in their caring and nurturing of the children every day. Now we are setting up a more formalised group aimed at providing educational support and hopefully intellectual stimulus.

The group is entirely voluntary and will meet every alternate Friday. The first two meetings have been in the school holidays but seem to be generating interest. While the group is still feeling its way the purpose will be to provide help with homework whenever required, information on further education, training and career opportunities, and most importantly to increase the level of confidence in interacting with people.