a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

This afternoon we again had approximately 45 youngsters of primary school age. After an ice breaker they lay on the floor, apart from each other and silent. I took them through a few "presence" exercises, feeling their heart, breathing, tensing and relaxing muscles.

The group eventually settled to the point that a few of the very little ones dozed off and there was a definite sense of quiet. I then asked a few of them if they had liked the exercise and why. One young fellow said that he felt strong, another that he felt safe.

They were then asked to look through magazines and find a picture that made them feel happy and another that made them feel sad and stick them to paper. They seemed to take great delight in looking through the magazines and applying glue.

Once this was done and back in a big group I asked if they had all chosen the same pictures "no", obviously different things make us feel happy or sad thus continuing the theme of the past couple of weeks that we are unique. I then asked what they feel when they are sad. "bad, weak and angry or taking revenge" were some of the responses. I then reminded them of the presence exercises and suggested that next time they feel sad they could use that to help them.

All of this happens with the translation assistance of Fakizile or even sometimes one of the youngsters.