a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

So this is the story after the first few sessions. The feeling is that we are slowly heading in the right direction. Weeks 1 through 3 are descriptions about what Fiona has done with the large group of younger children.Colin has been busy with the smaller group of older children. Fiona often finishes off these sessions as she has a great rapport with the children.

There were some discussions with Fakazile and she is very happy with things and particularly with her involvement as she enjoys the whole thing. It has been suggested that she should look for a person to help her with the youngsters so Fiona could be more involved with the older children so she is going to do that.

Fiona would still help with planning activities and coordination, and gradually we will develop a structure that is potentially annually repeatable and can be developed as the children grow up. Importantly out of all this a way needs to found to pay for things in the future. If Fiona's involvement continues much longer she will need payment, and any new person to work with Fakazile will also have to be paid. There may be further costs as they have managed so far with office scrap paper, Faizel’s photocopier, old magazines and stuff Fiona has.

What is exciting is the development of the computer center. we are looking at existing offers as well asking local private schools to get involved.

It is an exciting time for Lula Isandla as we establish a greater future for the cildren that we have seen grow up so much.