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An Inspirational Sudanese Child Soldier

Here is a rather inspirational story about a Sudanese Child Soldier who is now trying to raise awareness about what Africa needs. Not food aid, but rather education and skills are what is required.

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Jamie Oliver on Malnutrition

We have all heard of Jamie Oliver. Here he rants about the issues around nutrition - and opposite to the issues of Lula Isandla - and obesity. The killer that is obesity and malnutrition. His wish:
"I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity."

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The Vukuza Project Bears Fruit

The craft workshop that was run last month has produced the first batch of crafts. The ladies who attended the workshop will have completed the first run of pots.

They are miniature Zulu beer pots that can be used for salt and pepper or toothpick holders. The pots are hand made with traditional black clay and raku fired in the ground. They are intended to be sold as a set of two matching spoons and two matching pots in a box. The spoons are 100% lead free pewter and are lacquered to retain their shine.

The cost for a box set (2 spoons, 2 pots) is R100.

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October 2009

There is a lot happening at Lula Isandla! Here are the interesting things:
  • We now have 200 children and feed them 5 days a week. The cost per child per meal (check it here) is R1.72
  • The Vukuza Mama's attended a craft workshop on the weekend of the 16th / 17th of October. This included paper making for bookmarks, Zulu greeting cards and little boxes. Also lino carving for stamping pictures onto the bookmarks and greeting cards. They are also making little black clay Zulu pots for salt and pepper, tea light candles and those small succulent plants.
  • The Lula Isandla Trust is soon to be a real entity. The documents are drawn up, and we have identified trustees (if you would like to know more, please let us know). This is an exciting eventuality and will see Lula Isandla be a more recognised entity.
  • The relationship with Sony Ericsson continues to grow. They have had some fantastic ideas, and we hope to let you know about them in the near future as they come to fruition.
That's all for now. We will be sending some more information (and hopefully pictures) soon-ish.


July 2009

So here it is – the monthly biannual newsletter!

We’re very sorry, there has been an unbelievable amount of good stuff happening at Lula Isandla since we last wrote to you, but unfortunately there has been lots going on in our lives as well, so apologies for the lack of contact!

Anyway, despite the volume of info that we have for you, we know that the real trick of telling you stories, is to tell them quickly, succinctly and without much ado!!

So here we go:

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I thought you may all be interested in this..........

Today I delivered to Lula-Isandla the following ;

  • 10 kg fresh stewing beef
  • 10 kg fresh chicken portions
  • 5 pockets farm fresh potatoes
  • 5 pockets farm fresh cabbages
  • 5 pockets farm fresh carrots
  • 6 kg fresh green beans – I have to say fresh green or it may mean dried sugar beans!
  • 1 pocket butternut
  • 1 pocket gems
  • 1 box bananas – enough for 200 children
  • 1 box apples – enough for 200 children
  • 2 boxes pears – enough for 200 children
  • 1 box nectarines – maybe enough for 200 children
  • 1 box large plums – enough for 200 children

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Visiting Queen Elizabeth Park

We had a wonderful day on Tuesday, an educational trip was organised to QEP (Queen Elizabeth Park), headquarters of KZN Wildlife.

We hired 3 buses for the 170 people, children and adults. Starting from the Educational Centre a long human ‘snake’ walked along the first trail in the searing heat down to the lovely picnic site; lots of space under huge shady trees, picnic spots, water and loo’s. After some refreshments, the older children and some adults went on the next trail through the indigenous bush while the little ones stayed behind, playing games in the shade.

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December 2008


What a year.

It’s been just under a year since we first went with Mum to visit Fakazile at the Zenzeleni Community Center in Mpophomeni. Now, almost 12 months on, the team is feeding 175 kids, 3 times a week. Remember it started with 30 kids about this time last year but the needs in that area are huge. The family hardships that have to be endured are mind-blowing and the manner in which the community gathers round with their own generally very meager resources to comfort and help where they can is immensely heart warming. Lula Isandla’s contribution, including a heavy load borne by the volunteers at the Zenzeleni Community Centre being cooks, listeners, somebody to hug and wipe away the tears, organisers, teachers, substitute mothers and fathers, and playmates, goes a small way towards making life more bearable for the children and give some small hope for their future. Lula Isandla volunteers also help with counselling and have arranged several functions for the kids.

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June 2008

Youth Day - 16th of June 2008

Youth day presented an appropriate day for a fun run at Lula Isandla. After the tremendous effort of 12 000 slightly deranged people who ran up from Durban to Maritzburg on the Sunday in the Comrades marathon, the Lula Isandla run tempered the distance to accommodate the youngsters of Mpophemeni and the visiting Johnstons. Bongingkosi led the marshalling team, making sure that none of the approximately 100 runners meandered off the route, and that the taxis and cars drove appropriately in the vicinity of such an event. The under 10s ran a slightly shorter route much to the relief of Mandy who was their chosen marshal. The walk back proved far easier than the 200 bolt that children are wont to do.

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