The clothes donated by Striata

The kind people of Striata - - colected the clothes that they no longer needed. It took one bakkie load to transport it to Lula Isandla.

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Shoe cleaning with Fakazele


Vukuza Mamas go sew

The Vukuza Mamas have (once again) been commissioned to make a set of soccer shirts and shorts for a local school.

Great stuff, getting known for their sewing abilities.

Well done!

Mandela Day

We had two groups of people spending their time for Mandela Day at Lula Isandla.

4 pupils from the Mpophomeni High School offered up 67 minutes of their afternoon to come to the center to serve lunch to the Lula Isandla children, and then wash up. I was very taken with this gesture of ‘reaching out’ to fellow pupils.

The staff of the Para-Legal and Gender office, next-door to the Lula Isandla office at the Zenzeleni Centre, made a difference today by doing the cooking for the children’s lunch - quite an eye-opener for them to cook that much food!

But a very nice break from the routine for the Vukuza Mamas. We thank them for making a difference in our lives.

Bruce talks to Fakazile

After the run and the post run formalities were complete, we were able to eavesdrop on Bruce finding out more about Lula Isandla from Fakazile Mchunu.

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Bonginkosi at the Fun Run

Bonginkosi talks about the Fun Run. He arranged the councillor, the police and the water along the way.

He is also quite taken by the fact that Bruce Fordyce - the international icon - joined us.

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4 Johnstons after the LI Fun Run 2011

After the Fun Run was complete, we had a quick chat to a few of the participants, and the organisers.

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The Fun Run 2011

How does Bruce Fordyce, the decorated ultra-marathon winner prepare, for his 29th attempt at the race that defined his running career? He maintains the strict training regime that supported him through the years; he follows the diet that keeps his energy level high enough for the 86 kilometres; and (in 2011) he arrives at the Zenzeleni Community Centre in Mpophomeni to hand out the prizes for a 5 kilometer fun run.

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Kenya's smart solution to Aids awareness.

How do you teach young people in Africa about safe sex in a way that’s not patronising, alienating or obstructive? Meet Mark Kaigwa, a young Kenyan who was part of a Nairobi-based Warner Bros initiative to create an action-packed computer game that’s fun to play, yet contains strong social messages.

Howick Lions donate MORE!!!

Howick Lions have received a donation from Toshiba for a fax/copier machine for Lula Isandla!!

On top of that they have allocated a lump sum of R5000 to Lula Isandla.

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