Getting Lubunjwa Luseve off the ground

The children who come every weekday for their meals are very much the LI "family". Over the years a number of activities have been arranged for the children including outings, arts and crafts sessions, fun runs etc. generally on a random ad hoc basis. We have always recognised however that just like any family, there is a need for regular home support.

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Christmas 2011

The pictures from the 2011 Christmas Party. Have a look for the full stroy here: The Christmas Story 2011

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The Christmas Story 2011

We yet again had a wonderful Christmas party: the children started gathering way ahead of schedule so were shepherded out the gate by the ever watchful Bonginkosi until it was time to start.

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A speech by Claire, sent by email.

To honoured guests, family and friends, and the children.

I welcome you all; it’s a great pleasure to have you here at this opening of the Lula Isandla kitchen and the extensive re-vamping carried out on the Zenzeleni Centre, for which we have many many people to thank.

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The kitchen is nearing completion, and while there have been numerous people at the community center, the decision was made to carry out a few improvements. These pictures show you the new paint, the new kitchen, the patio, the Bok support and our brand new billboard.

A quick note to say thank you to Marcelle Arnold who donated the startlingly orange shirts that the Vukuza Mamas are wearing.

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A thank you letter

We ask people for help, we ask them for money, and you all give so generously. We do think we know what effect we have on people's lives, and we think we know what it means for these children to have food in their stomachs.

I think that the children might only understand the difference once they are older. And then, the other day this letter arrived at Lula Isandla.

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AA gas

Since the early days of Lula Isandla, we have been cooking outside of the kitchen. The exisiting kitchen is very small and the stove is too small to cater for the large pots needed to cook for all the children.

We therefore bought gas cookers (have alook here to see them) so that the cooking could happen anywhere. Further to this we buy gas from AA gas every month, and every month or so they donate a bottle of gas.

This month (July 2011), in lieu of the monthly donation they serviced the 'gas cooking table' instead. Thanks to Ellen for arranging this.

The Kitchen

The first stages of the new kitchen proved to be a little difficult. The foundations were not quite correct, and alternative plans were made. What follows is a few photographs showiung how things improved, and how the progress. More photo's are to follow.

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Fourbas Farming

For many years, each week, Manny and his son Tony have supplied Lula Isandla with 5 pockets of cabbages and 5 pockets of carrots, fresh off their farms, a truly huge donation.

Bonginkosi kindly accompanied me early one morning on my trip out to the Dargle to collect the farm fresh vegetables. On our behalf he handed over presents to Manny as acknowledgement of their enormous contribution.

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The Vukuza Project AGM

The Vukuza Project AGM