a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

Sony Ericsson

sony ericsson logo

The end of year normally induces panic amongst the corproartions of the world as their marketing departments seek to laud each other with gifts to thank their respective managament teams for past and future business. Sony Ericsson took a different stance in 2008.

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Bradford McCormack and Associates



Bradford McCormack and Associates have contributed significantly to Lula Isandla. In hearing that the food for the 175 children is prepared on a single 4-plate stove, and a 2-plate gas cooker in a communal kitchen, the people at BMA decided that they would help.

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Bosch Logo

Such has been the response from the local farmers and distributors around Mpophomeni, the chefs at Lula Isandla decided that it would be best if there was a freezer to store the extra food. A request was included in the July 2009 Newsletter for a freezer. Within 24 hours we had received 4 responses. One of these was from Murray at Bosch.

Bosch have donated an upright freezer to Lula Isandla. They have delivered it too.

Roberto Confessore

Roberto decided to run the Comrade Marathon. what exactly possessed him when this decision was made? No-one knows, but there is perhaps a suspicion that a beer was involved!

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Takunda Pongweni

I have never met Takunda. I only know of him through a friend of a friend.

He decided to run the Comrades Marathon. He decided that someone else should benefit from this exertion. I asked him to explain how he came to find Lula Isandla, and he came to raise funds for us:

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Here is a list of the references that come through on the internet banking, as well as people who have donated through other means. The people who help with the day to day running of Lula Isandla can be seen on the 'About' section.

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