a feeding scheme run by volunteers, funded by south africans

Roberto decided to run the Comrade Marathon. what exactly possessed him when this decision was made? No-one knows, but there is perhaps a suspicion that a beer was involved!


Nonetheless, this year - 2009 - is the second successive year that Roberto is running the Comrades; and for the second successive year he has asked his friends, acquantainces and colleagues to sponsor him through his troubles. In 2008 he collected and contributed £600 to Lula Isandla.

Roberto has built a site that manages his contributions and sponsorhip details. Go have a look: http://www.bellavista-photo.com/comrades.php?event=start

Not only is Lula Isandla grateful to Roberto for what he has done, but we are grateful to all those who have sponsored him through his little bit of madness. It also through Roberto that Lula Isandla has found friends in Europe; friends who have and continue to contribute to a little initiative in Mpophomeni.